Friday, September 21, 2012

Minna Parikka - A brand bag lovers should check out

When I first heard of the Finnish designer Minna Parikka, it was her shoes that everyone loved. But after having had a look at her online store recently, I discovered she makes some amazing bags as well.

Just take a look at these:

The Ginger Anaconda
The Maxine Anaconda
The Drip Clutch

The Thelma Clutch Anaconda

The Ginger

and the Women Are Dangerous Animals.
I seriously want all of these! So cute!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A peek into my own collection: Oversized Nina Ricci clutch

This is another one of my favorite bags, even though I must say it doesn't photograph that well (it looks almost grey in the photos. But it's not, it's black, it's just the flash that makes it look kind of greyish).
Clutch bags are always so elegant in my opinion, but I have a problem that a lot of my clutch bags are kind of small, so I have trouble fitting everything I need for a night out into them. So this Nina Ricci clutch is great, since it fits so many things.
I also love the monogram on this bag.

On top of my handbag wish list right now...

Is of course another Longchamp bag (see my previous post if you didn't realize I am a huge Longchamp fan by now), in a color Longchamp themselves call duck blue.
I love the structured leather, as well as the color, so pretty! And like I said in my previous post, you can stay classic with your handbag choices by going for a classic model, like the Le Pliage, yet stay cool and modern by going for a more unusual style at the same time.

A peek into my own collection: Two of my Longchamp Le Pliage bags

I think I have mentioned it a few (ahem) times already, but I absolutely love Longchamp bags. So it's no wonder I have several of them (see one of them, already featured on this blog here, and another one here). And now it is time to show off two more of them. These are both the classic, foldable Longchamp Le Pliage bag (which is why they are a bit wrinkly on the photos too, I keep them folded when I am not using them you see) in the medium size.

One is grey, and I actually use it quite a lot, especially during the fall and winter for some reason.
And this one is a shade of pink that I simply adore. I use it a bit less than the grey one, but when I do use it, people tend to notice. So if you are into Longchamp bags, I highly recommend getting some in some unusual colors too.

A peek into my own collection: A brandless favorite bag

I like designer bags and all, but if you have been reading this blog for a while, you have probably noticed that I don't carry only designer bags. Far from it, in fact. I go by look and feel when I choose bags, and some of my favorite bags are actually completely brandless. Like this one, a pleather bag, but the good kind, with pleather that doesn't turn ugly or age badly, that I got in a big store in Sweden many years ago.

I actually use this a lot, when I want something a bit shinier and more fun than a regular bag, but not something too colorful. The amazing thing about it is that it still looks as good as new, even though I have had it for at least 6 or 7 years. So sometimes you can really get lucky when buying cheapo bags too.

That said, I do tend to go with bags that are made out of real leather, even if they are brandless, since those bags generally age better.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A peek into my own collection: Vintage Moschino bag

This next bag I am going to show you from my own collection is actually a find from a second hand store, where I ran into a bag that had tons of letters in the front, but the word they made up did not make any sense. I did manage to see however, that the letters COULD make up the name Moschino if re-assembled differently, so I decided to take a closer look at it, and quickly saw that it was in fact a Moschino bag of a vintage variety.
It was surprisingly clean and in very good condition when I got it, even though I believe it to be from the early 1990's, so I have gotten quite a lot of use out of it. I don't really run into these bags in second hand stores anymore (probably mostly because I don't go to them that often anymore), but since they were rather common in the 1990's when logos where very in fashion, as was Moschino, you can run into these on Ebay quite often. And if you do, I can highly recommend getting a bag like this, it will last you a long time after all, it goes with a lot of things (I've seen similar bags in brown as well, besides black) and it looks cool, while being a true classic at the same time.

A peek into my own collection: Moc croc Guess bag

Guess is not really a brand I am familiar with (even though I was lusting after the Guess Furious bag quite a lot a while ago), but I do own one Guess handbag, a grey, slightly shiny moc croc bag:

I actually got this as a present, so I have no idea where it was bought, and I think it is a great choice when you need a toned down, yet not boring shoulder bag of a smaller size. I actually carried this to a party recently, and got quite a few compliments for it, even though it is over 5 years old, which is nice.

The only problem I have with Guess handbags is that they are usually not made in real leather, but man made materials, from what I know anyway, which makes them less durable, and also not as classy looking in real life as in photos. But there are some good and timeless Guess bags out there, and if I should bump into one, I would definitely consider getting it. My one and only experience with Guess handbags has been rather good, after all!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Bag I want to get: Teal colored satchel from Urban Outfitters

I love teal as a color, and while it may not be one of the most classic and versatile colors for everyone, I have been a huge fan of teal for years, which means I have plenty of teal colored pieces to match new teal stuff with already, and teal also happens to compliment my skin tone really well, so I am always on the look out for anything teal colored; both clothes, accessories, and handbags of course.

One of the cutest teal colored handbags I have run into lately is this satchel for sale over at Urban Outfitters:

It's by a brand called Deena & Ozzy, and besides being very cute, it is also super affordable right now, since you can make it yours for only $39!
So yeah, I definitely think I should get this one myself...

Cute crossbody bag from Urban Outfitters

If you are looking for a reasonably priced, yet cute crossbody bag at the moment, I absolutely love this smaller one, available over at Urban Outfitters for only $39:
You can choose between several different colors, but the above mint green one, and this pink one are my own personal favorites:

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A peek into my own handbag collection: Rodnik Band Piranhya Bag

In May, I mentioned that I had gotten a bag by The Rodnik Band. But I remembered that I never actually showed it off here on the blog after I actually got it. So here it is:
I actually love this bag, despite it being my first ever experience with this brand. And others love it too, I can't believe how many compliments I get every time I carry it around! So my first impression of The Rodnik Band is definitely great!

A peek into my own handbag collection: Vintage Givency clutch

I love vintage clutches, especially logoed ones, since logos in the past used to be much less flashy and annoying than what they are today. (This is why I love my vintage Dior logo bag as well, see it here)

One of my favorite vintage clutch bags that I own is this cute Givenchy clutch bag:

It's very chic, elegant and understated, which I love. I believe I got this on Ebay once, and was very happy to see it was actually authentic when I got it. One can never be too sure about that when shopping on Ebay after all.

A peek into my own handbag collection: Missoni for Target bag

I absolutely love Missoni as a brand, and I would seriously want Missoni stripes almost everywhere in my wardrobe and in my house if that was possible. When it comes to handbags, however, I have not really ran into so many Missoni handbags that I liked, so I actually only have one Missoni bag so far. And it is not even a "real" Missoni bag, but a bag from the Missoni for Target line. (I've actually blogged about getting this bag before, here)
I love it though, so much that I have a matching poncho, as well as matching flats with the same exact pattern as well.

A peek into my own handbag collection: Black leather Longchamp bag

Like I mentioned before, I have several Longchamp bags, since I am a huge Longchamp fan, and it is time to show off another one of my Longchamp bags:

This, maybe a bit plain looking black leather Longchamp bag, that is a staple in my handbag wardrobe though, since it goes with so many things.
This is really a bag that you can take with you anywhere on a regular day, when you need your hands free, and don't want a bag that is too obviously branded and flashy. I love it, and still use it a lot, even though I have had it for several years.

What do do if you don't have dust bags for all your bags

Handbag storage is a big issue for all us handbag lovers. I strongly suggest you always keep any dust bags you get when you buy a more expensive bag, since using them is a great way to make sure you can protect your bag when it is not being used, and being stored. But what can you do if you don't have dust bags for all your bags anymore? A lot of us loose dust bags, after all, and they can also break or get ruined otherwise.

If this has happened to you, you should know that you can buy only dust bags, without actual bags to go with them, on both Ebay and Etsy. The best thing about this is that you can often find branded dust bags too, so if you want a dust bag from the same brand as your actual bag, it should not be too hard to find. Of course, there are some brandless and plan dust bags to choose from too.

If you are good at crafts, dust bags are actually not that hard to make on your own either. All you need is basically a sewing machine, some fabric, and a drawstring of course. You can even use a regular pillow case as a pattern for a dust bag, if it fits the bag you need a dust bag for size-wise!

For some more storage tips for handbags, don't forget to read this post, that I have written about handbag storage in general.

(pic is from Only Moda)

A peek into my own collection: Colorful, beaded Fendi baguette bag

When it comes to Fendi baguette bags, there are insanely many cool ones to choose from, and I really wish I had the opportunity to collect just those, because the baguette bag is really a great sized and wonderfully shaped bag, so I would love to have several of these, preferably in unusual colors and designs. But so far, I just have one Fendi baguette bag, this one:
I love how colorful it is, and all the small beads used means it has a very interesting texture.
But as you can imagine, this bag really doesn't go with very many outfits, so I actually do not use this bag so often... Another reason to get another Fendi bag, that I would use more often, I guess??

A peek into my own collection: Small, blue Longchamp bag

I think I have mentioned before that I am a huge Longchamp fan. Longchamp bags are just so durable, yet reasonably priced and timeless, so what's not to love, really?

So it should probably not come as a surprise to anyone that I own several Longchamp bags. One of my favorites, however, is this limited edition blue, small one.
It goes wonderfully with blue jeans, I think, and I really like the unusual handles and details on it. It sets this Longchamp bag apart from my other Longchamp bags, in a good way.

A peek into my own handbag collection: H&M clutch

It's time to show you guys some of my own handbags again. I have set a goal for myself to eventually manage to show off at least most of my bags here, after all. So I really should get to work on that!

The first bag I want to show you guys today is this clutch (that does come with a chain strap, though) from H&M, that I got recently. In fact so recently, that I haven't had a chance to use it yet! But I will, probably soon.
The clutch is covered in a silky, lovely fabric, that is very nice to touch and to look at (because it shines!), but that also means it is more likely to get stains and other flaws easily. So I guess I will have to be careful when I carry this!

But other than that, I love this bag, and think it is a perfect, fun summer clutch!

Gorgeous lace clutch bag by Stella McCartney

I love lace in all shapes and forms, and this Grace clutch, by Stella McCartney, is surely one of the prettiest lace bags I've seen lately. I love it!

I have to admit I am actually considering getting this bag, so if any of you readers have it or have any tips/advice to share about it, please let me know!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

On-trend studded Versace clutch

I've mentioned studs and studded bags being a huge trend this fall already, here and here, so it makes sense some more studded handbags will be featured here on the blog, right?

One of my favorite studded bags that I have run into lately is this gorgeous Versace clutch:

I love the fact that it is white, that's pretty unusual for studded items actually, so it makes a really nice con

Amazing new Michael Kors bag

I love Michael Kors' creations, and own quite a few of Michael Kors items, but no bags so far. But this color blocked saddlebag, named Gia sure is gorgeous!

I love the colors used, and actually think they are kind of timeless, at least for my wardrobe.