Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Very cool 7 Chi studded tote

If you are looking for a studded, reasonable priced tote at the moment, may I suggest this awesome one from 7 Chi, available over at Urban Outfitters?

It comes in both black and grey, but I would probably go for the black one, it's just more versatile. But then again, I would usually go for a black option in all cases, so if you like the grey one, that's really a great choice too!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another new H&M clutch

I got it at the same time I got the H&M glitter clutch in the last post, but this one looks quite different to the glitter one. Instead of being all sparkly, this one has a snake print, which is not actually the reason I got it. I mean, I like snake print and all, but I am not crazy about it or anything. What I did like though, were the colors. I think they will be so nice for spring, and I've always been a fan of pastels.
I don't think I will use this clutch before the spring though, I am not crazy about using pastels during the winter. So this clutch will have to wait a while before it gets aired!

My new H&M glitter clutch

When I saw this clutch on the H&M website (yes, I check it on a regular basis, since it is kind of a hassle for me to get to my nearest H&M, so I want to make sure it will be worth my while before I go), I wasn't really too impressed by it.

But when I went to the store, I loved it! It just seems perfect for when you go to a party or event and want to wear all black, since it will instantly add some sparkle to the look.

So I ended up getting this.

It's really hard to do this clutch justice on photos (which is why H&Ms own photos didn't impress me either, I guess), but if you are looking for a sparkly clutch or a glitter clutch, but don't want it to be a specific color, this is a really good budget buy.

Now I'm just looking forward to an event to take it to!

(the first two images are from the H&M website, the last two are my own)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Gorgeous silk-satin bow clutch from Valentino

I have something similar actually, but what makes this clutch kind of original is that you are supposed to slide your hand into it, to grab it, due to the really cool handle. I love that twist!

Not to mention the material is really nice too, definitely to my liking!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Two goodies from the Maison Martin Margiela collection for H&M

The Maison Martin Margiela collection for H&M wasn't something I was super excited about, but I did like two of the bags in the collection. To be a bit more specific, it was this black leather bag, with a quirky glove detail (how fun!):
And this clutch, shaped like a sweet wrapper, available in both silver and pink:

Sadly, I went to my nearest H&M store, and by the time I got there, these bags were already sold out, so I haven't managed to get my hands on these bags myself. But I guess that's nothing a quick Ebay search can't fix!
If any of my readers already saw these bags or even got these bags, I would love to hear your opinion on them though, since I haven't actually seen them IRL yet!

(pics from H&M)

Studded tote for rockstars (and rockstar wannabees)

Since studs are such a huge trend this fall, I am pretty sure I am not the only one completely obsessed with studded bags. I do think I see studded bags everywhere, after all!

One of my personal favorites among all the studded bags I've seen so far is the Valentino Rockstud leather tote, though, available in both black (which is the version of it that I love) and brown.

I really think this could be worth splurging on, but I already got myself 2 new studded bags for this season (exhibit 1 and exhibit 2), so the question is if I can justify getting another one?

If you like this bag, but would rather get a studded clutch, Valentino makes a really cute version of that too. See that here.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quirky new Mulberry Trompe L'Oeil bag

I always like Trompe L'Oeil bags, because I like unexpected things, and things that are not exactly what they look like, I guess. And one of the nicest Trompe L'Oeil bags I've seen lately is this Mulberry Maisie bag, that is made to look like a camera bag:

I think this would look amazing in other colors too. I just can't figure out what color would be the most "camera bag like" one. Black maybe? Or grey?

(pic from The Bag Lady)

Bag envy

I adore Kelly Rutherford's stunning Hermes Evelyne bag. It's such a classic color, but the shape seems cool and urban somehow, despite the bag being a Hermes.
I would definitely say this is one of the more youthful Hermes bags I've seen lately. What I wouldn't give to have one too!
(pics from Purseblog)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Amazing new Lulu Guinness bag

I've mentioned my love for Lulu Guinness handbags many times before, so sorry to keep repeating myself, but can you blame me when the brand constantly comes up with new goodies like this one:

I totally need this in my collection, right now!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Awesome sequined shopper bag

Generally, sequins are not for me. In any form. But I have to say I like them on this Maison Scotch sequin shopper, because the bag is so simple otherwise, and because they only used black sequins on it. So somehow this shopper looks chic and classy, despite all the sequins!