Saturday, November 24, 2012

My new H&M glitter clutch

When I saw this clutch on the H&M website (yes, I check it on a regular basis, since it is kind of a hassle for me to get to my nearest H&M, so I want to make sure it will be worth my while before I go), I wasn't really too impressed by it.

But when I went to the store, I loved it! It just seems perfect for when you go to a party or event and want to wear all black, since it will instantly add some sparkle to the look.

So I ended up getting this.

It's really hard to do this clutch justice on photos (which is why H&Ms own photos didn't impress me either, I guess), but if you are looking for a sparkly clutch or a glitter clutch, but don't want it to be a specific color, this is a really good budget buy.

Now I'm just looking forward to an event to take it to!

(the first two images are from the H&M website, the last two are my own)

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