Friday, January 18, 2013

The best handbags on Etsy right now

If you like bags no-one else has (I do!), Etsy is a great place to find those. But finding stuff you like on Etsy can be quite time consuming, so here are my picks for the best Etsy handbags of the moment, to save you some time:
- A really big teal colored leather bag, that comes with a matching little pouch. Looks like it's really high quality, and so on trend for next spring too!
- A red book bag with a really cute and funny message (if you know the song, you'll know why!). I would get this if I just needed a book bag even a little bit. But I don't...
- A gorgeous The Great Gatsby book clutch (that actually looks nicer than Kate Spade's original if you ask me!), that I actually think I might get myself. A must for everyone looking for a book clutch!
- A cute map bag. There are tons of others to choose from too, but this one of my personal favorites.
Don't forget to take a look on Etsy yourself every once in a while too, though. The best handbags on Etsy often sell out pretty fast, you see, and new Etsy handbags are added to the site all the time.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lanvin Spring 2013 bags

Which are not that exciting, just like the Alexander McQueen bags I blogged about a while ago. But they are ok, I suppose, just not something I will be rushing out to buy myself.

For some reason it seems most designers have not put that much effort into their bags for Spring 2013. A shame, really, I always look forward to seeing the new bags coming out, and this is the first season in a long, long time, when I haven't found even one upcoming bag that I am really into.

(images from

Friday, January 11, 2013

Charlotte Olympia's Discover Brazil shopper

When it comes to Charlotte Olympia, most people associate her with her famous (and gorgeous!) book clutches. But she also makes other, really cool bags too. Such as this shopper bag, with a map of Brazil on it.

It is called Discover Brazil, and as a huge fan of maps in any shape and form, including on bags, I love the idea of putting a modern, cool map of this kind on a bag!
I really wish I had some kind of connection to Brazil now, so I could justify getting this bag, but since I don't, I think my old vintage map bag will have to do for now. But should Charlotte Olympia do this map thing for other countries as well, I'd definitely be interested if one of those countries was a country I had some kind of connection to!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Does anyone know where I can find this clutch?

I'm a huge fan of unusual clutches, as you may already know if you've been reading this blog for a while, and when I saw this postage clutch over at Pinterest, I knew I had to have it! But unfortunately I can't seem to find any information on where I can buy this clutch anywhere.

So if you've seen this clutch anywhere, or know how to buy it for any other reason, help a girl out and let me know!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cute Dolce & Gabbana silk bag

Normally I am not a huge fan of silk bags, because silk is a very inconvenient material for bags, in my opinion. It tears and stains so easily after all (I own silk garments, so I should know! Been there, done that!), and then what are you going to do with your super fancy and expensive bag?

But sometimes I run into silk bags that almost make me change my mind and forget all that, like this very adorable Dolce & Gabbana one, called Miss Glam:

Still, I don't think I would feel comfortable carrying this around. But maybe I should consider some kind of cheapie silk bag at some point? Then at least when something happens, the damage isn't as expensive as if you get a Dolce & Gabbana one...

Mulberry's Spring 2013 campaign

Is a lovely under water themed set of shots, where you can see some of their new bags for 2013 as well. I must say I'm liking a lot of them!

These are my favorite bags out of the line, though:

The under water theme kind of gave me a flashback to when I visited the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, by the way, they have a lovely under water exhibition as well. So if you find yourself liking this campaign, you might want to visit there as well, for a similar, yet slightly darker, full experience!

(the last images, from Atlantis Resort, are my own, the top ones, from the campaign are from Refinery 29)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Some bags from the Alexander McQueen spring 2013 collection

Alexander McQueen is one of my favorite brands, for both handbags, and clothing in general, so I am always a bit curious when I know one of their collections is coming out. The Alexander McQueen spring 2013 collection didn't really impress me that much handbag-wise though. The bags are just a bit too bland and un-special for my taste, I guess. Here are some examples:

I still need to get better acquainted with some of the other spring 2013 collections, though, so hopefully there are some real goodies to be found in some of them! Because Alexander McQueen didn't deliver like I had hoped this season, I'm afraid...