Friday, November 29, 2013

My new bag

Remember how I blogged about Charlotte Olympia's milk cartoon bag a while ago? (if not, you can read the original post here)

Well, now I have found a really nice, cheaper alternative to that bag, over at Storenvy, where I also got my popcorn bag a while ago (and as it happens, that bag was also a copy of a Charlotte Olympia bag, see the original one here). This is how it looks:

It's only $29 + shipping, which is just a fraction of the price of the Charlotte Olympia original, so I think I made a pretty good deal! Novelty bags are not worth spending insane amounts of money on, after all, since they are just supposed to be an occasional treat, not your actual, every day handbag.

It's available in pink as well, here.
In case you are interested in ordering something from Storenvy like me, I should add that I have already gotten one order (the popcorn handbag) from there, and everything worked really well with my order. So I definitely think it's a legit site!

Another Charlotte Olympia bag that I like but don't love...

... is the Gummi Bear clutch.

I like the shape and look of it, but I am not a big fan of gold plated things, so the gold color of it is not for me. And even if it was, I think a gummi bear clutch should be in the same color as actual gummi bears. So a yellow, red or green one, for instance, would have been much more suitable if you ask me!

But even with the gold color the Charlotte Olympia Gummi Bear clutch is pretty cool, I have to admit!

A great bag for Valentine's Day

I've written about Valentine's Day bags on the blog before (here and here, for instance), but it seems Charlotte Olympia does not only make really cool comic book clutches and bags that look like telephones, she's also created what might be the perfect Valentine's Day bag:

The bag is called Arm Candy - Be Mine, and you can get it over at Net-a-Porter, for instance.

(And yes, I do realize Valentine's Day is still some time away, but how do you expect to have the perfect bag for it, if you shop for that bag in the last minute?)

The perfect clutch for comic book lovers

Has to be a Charlotte Olympia bag too, the Archie Comic Embroidered crepe de chine clutch.

Sure, there are some cheaper comic book clutches out there, too, but the issue I have with most of them is that they are not very well made, and a lot of them look rather cheap to be honest. But a clutch made by Charlotte Olympia, of course, does not! So if you are looking for a slightly more upscale comic book clutch, this would be a great option, I think!

Another great Charlotte Olympia bag

Is of course the one called Chatterbox (I even love the names of Charlotte Olympia bags!), that looks like a phone, an old fashioned, simple one.

I would really love to get this bag, but then again, that goes for most Charlotte Olympia bags, it seems. So maybe it's really not that noteworthy...

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Chanel backpack, anyone?

I hate backpacks with a passion. I just don't think they do anything for your posture, and they are also not feminine in any way, just to name a few reasons I would never ever be seen carrying a backpack, no matter what brand that backpack came from. So even the Chanel backpack that I spotted over at The Purse Blog today, does not appeal to me at all.
I still think it will be interesting to see how many other Chanel aficionados pick this one up, though. I bet it will be a few!

But if you ask me, Chanel backpacks are just crazy. Stick to what you do best, Chanel! (meaning: beautiful, timeless and feminine bags, not some sloppy looking canvas thing!)

Olympia Le-Tans super cool milk carton bag

Another super quirky and fun bag has hit the shelves! I am talking of course about Olympia Le-Tan's milk carton bag, that has already sold out at least over at Net-a-Porter.

You might still be able to get this bag at some other online store, and there does seem to be some cheaper alternatives to it out there as well. Emma Roberts was spotted carrying a similar, yet not identical bag quite some time ago, for instance:
I definitely think I want to get one of these milk carton bags, they really are very, very cute!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The most coveted handbag right now

Has to be Givenchy's Bambi clutch.
As a huge Disney fan as a child, and still actually, and someone who always loved Bambi, I simply swoon over this clutch, as well as the matching tops, I would totally like to get a clutch as well as a top.

Too bad both the clothing and the clutch seem to be sold out pretty much everywhere by now! That's what happens when you don't spot items like these at once I guess...
But hopefully, someone will make a cheapo copy of these items at some point. Or better yet, Givenchy will make something similar again! Let's see...

(images from PapuaTattoo, Red Carpet Fashionawards and Fashion Gone Rogue)

Friday, November 8, 2013

The museum I most want to visit right now...

... is of course the Leiber Museum, a museum I didn't even know existed until I read this article in the Wall Street Journal, about how Judith Leiber is buying her own bags, so that she can put them on display in the museum.

While Judith Leiber bags are not my favorite bags, and I don't even own one of these bags (they are insanely expensive, so can you blame me, really?), I do think they are very well made and iconic, so I think it would be really interesting to see several of them up close.

If you'd like to visit the museum too, or just read some more about it, a great place to start is the museum's website.

(image from Blackcat060)