Friday, November 29, 2013

My new bag

Remember how I blogged about Charlotte Olympia's milk cartoon bag a while ago? (if not, you can read the original post here)

Well, now I have found a really nice, cheaper alternative to that bag, over at Storenvy, where I also got my popcorn bag a while ago (and as it happens, that bag was also a copy of a Charlotte Olympia bag, see the original one here). This is how it looks:

It's only $29 + shipping, which is just a fraction of the price of the Charlotte Olympia original, so I think I made a pretty good deal! Novelty bags are not worth spending insane amounts of money on, after all, since they are just supposed to be an occasional treat, not your actual, every day handbag.

It's available in pink as well, here.
In case you are interested in ordering something from Storenvy like me, I should add that I have already gotten one order (the popcorn handbag) from there, and everything worked really well with my order. So I definitely think it's a legit site!

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