Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My new Louis Vuitton monogram pochette

I love Louis Vuitton as a brand so much I tend to buy maybe a bit too much of their stuff even, but so far, I only have 3 of their bags (I tend to favor their scarves and shoes over bags). One of them was featured in this post, the second one I have completely forgotten to even mention on the blog and the third one is one I just got a week ago, during a recent trip to Berlin.

The newest addition is one of the most classic Louis Vuitton bags out there I think, as it is a pochette and has their classic brown monogram as a print. I like it, because I find it perfect for running errands when you don't want to carry too much, and because it looks like a classic in every way.

So while I have not had a chance to carry this bag too much yet, it being so new and all, I am definitely happy with this purchase!