Friday, October 10, 2014

My 2 new handbags

I was sure I had blogged about these 2 bags when they were first added to ASOS, but I see now that I didn't, so what better time than the present to show them off to you?

I love quirky handbags, as you may know, but I also love sweet things (a lot! Just ask my husband if you don't believe me!), so a clutch bag that looks like a donut is right up my alley:

As is a bag that looks like a milkshake:

So of course I had to have these. I just ordered them from ASOS this morning.

Good read about cheap looking handbags vs. expensive looking handbags

Is Cosmo's article about it. Read that here.

I have to say I agree with most things stated in the article, but I do also believe there are plenty of options out there for anyone who is after a luxe looking bag, for a good price. But one does need to know what one is looking for in order to find it. And Cosmo's article can actually really help with that!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My current handbag obsession

Has to be Anya Hindmarch's Digestive clutch, and not only because I actually love Digestive crackers, but also because I love how she can turn anything a bit boring, like a household staple into something so cool.

The only issue I have with this bag is the price. It's really not in my price range at the moment, especially considering how small it is, and due to me really, really, REALLY not needing more clutch bags! I simply have too many of them already!

Monday, July 7, 2014

What a Peach indeed!

My affection for Charlotte Olympia bags is hardly a secret, I do blog about them on a regular basis, after all. So I pretty much fall in love with each and every handbag released by this brand. And one of the latest Charlotte Olympia bags - called What A Peach - is definitely no exception.

Because the fruit theme is so me right now, I like it in all shapes and forms, and it seems a lot of other people do too. However, I have not seen very many peach varieties out there, so this Charlotte Olympia is really unique at the same time as it is very on trend too!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fendi Resort 2015 handbags

It's always kind of neat to see what Fendi will come up with handbag wise for their shows, since they always seem to have so many fun ideas regarding what to do, and the Fendi resort 2015 show was no different. So if you are curious about the handbag trends for 2015, look below!
(I would say the clothes are probably a bit too Pucci-esque for my taste. I mean, Fendi has their own style, they really should not be ripping Pucci off like this!)

This is probably my favorite bag from this collection!

(all images in this post are from

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The best deals for handbags at the ASOS sale

(according to me, this is definitely what I would be buying myself right now, if it wasn't for the small issue that I am actually about to downsize my handbag collection, due to a move due in a couple of months)

- The Alexander Wang Pelican Mini bag in elaphe and leather

The color is unusual, the texture really cool, yet the shape a classic - definitely makes it a winner in my book!

- The Charlotte Olympia Flashback clutch.

While I am not sure any clutch that is this small could be labelled "a find" or "a bargain" (the price tag even in the sale is pretty hefty), it definitely is adorable lookwise. So I would definitely want this, but I suppose I might prefer it if someone else paid for it, haha!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The bag I'd most like to get right now

Is actually a bag I would get in order to replace another, rather well worn Burberry bag, that I have had for many years. I really like the blue/red/white color scheme of it though, and even have a matching scarf to go with it, so simply tossing the old bag will not do for me. Nope, instead I want to find a replacement, and Net-a-Porter might just have the perfect one!

Unlike my previous blue checked Burberry bag (which was made out of genuine leather), this bag is made out of canvas though. I do like the shape and how the pattern is a bit more subtle though, so I might be getting this bag, to be honest. It just fits so many things I already have really well!