Friday, August 9, 2013

New bag show off: My Eiffel tower bag

I mentioned last month that I had ordered a new Eiffel Tower bag, from a very quirky seller called KruKru Studio over at Etsy. Now I have received it, carried it and gotten a ton of compliments for it (it's a bag everyone notices, believe me!), and I thought it would be appropriate to share some images of it, as well as a verdict on it, here on the blog as well.
First of all, I am really impressed with how good the quality is, it's really amazing, and the bag seems very durable too, which was not something I had really expected since the bag is made out of felt.

So I definitely think I will be carrying this for a long time, and a lot, in the future.
I can highly recommend KruKru Studio, in other words, as I was really pleased with the bag, and the whole deal with them went very smoothly. I do think I might get another bag from them in the future too.
If you're interested in seeing other KruKru Studio designs, you can see several of them in this post.

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