Monday, August 19, 2013

New bag love: Celine Edge tote bag

I was just looking through the September issue of Elle US (love this time of the year, because of all the September issues, by the way!) when I spotted this Celine ad:
What a gorgeous bag that is, I thought, and immediately proceeded to checking up on it. This bag has actually been around for some time already, Kourtney Kardashian has one, for instance:
And you can also get it in a bunch of different colors, including a multi color one, if you want.
It's also been featured in Celine ads before:
So I really have no idea how I can have been so clueless about this bag until now, but I have. Either way, I simply must visit a Celine store when I go to Paris next month, if only to see this bag in person. It looks pretty much like the perfect bag right now: Classic and useful, yet with a very cool and unexpected twist. Love it!

(images from Glamour Boys Inc, Fashion Gone Rogue, Dusty Roses and The Handbag Concept)

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