Friday, August 2, 2013

Looking for really fun and quirky bags? Try Braccialini!

I am a huge fan of bags that are kind of funny, quirky and unique, so it is actually really strange that it took me so long to discover Braccialini, an Italian brand that makes really amazing quirky bags. Here are some of my favorites:

But you should know that this brand has created crazy amounts of really cool bags over the years, so there are plenty of others to choose from as well. You can see their current line on their website, here, but you can find older bags by Braccialini on sites like Ebay as well.

I am definitely planning on getting a Braccialini bag soon, they are right up my alley in every way! The only problem I have with this brand is really that there are too many cute bags to choose from!

(pics from Sapphire Whisper Magazine, Stylelist, Fashion Life, and Carnevali)

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