Friday, April 12, 2013

Amazing handmade felt bags for sale at Etsy

If you are looking for really unique bags, there is a great seller on Etsy that sells really unusual, handmade bags over at Etsy. The seller is called Krukrustudio, and you can find their Etsy shop here.

Here are some of the bags I personally liked a lot:

A Big Ben bag, for everyone who loves London. And I mean, who doesn't?

A raspberry jam jar bag. How adorable! And not only because I love raspberry jam, either!

A violin bag. A really awesome choice if you happen to have any connection to violins. I don't, but this bag surely makes me wish I did!

A House of Cards bag. Very cool if you play poker or some kind of card game or something. Again, I don't, but I guess I don't have to tell people that if I end up getting this bag...

A Rubrik's Cube bag. For the smart ones out there!

A carrot bag. If you are into healthy eating or really like carrots. Now, I know that sounds kind of strange, but I actually have a good friend who is completely obsessed with carrots, so these people exist!

These are just a few of the amazing bags for sale in this shop though, so I strongly recommend anyone who is into unusual bags to go have a look in the store themselves. I am certainly getting some of these bags, I just need to figure out which ones I want most first..

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