Thursday, April 11, 2013

My new Paul's Boutique bag

I'm not that familiar with Paul's Boutique handbags, but I do know someone who absolutely loves them, and I must admit that I like her bags as well. They look very unique and fun, so I have been wanting to get a Paul's Boutique bag of my own for a while now. But I only took the plunge to get one today, when I ordered one from ASOS.

It's a bag called the Paul's Boutique Lightning Elize Bag, and it also comes with a really cute matching wallet, that I am also thinking of getting, but so far I haven't (mostly due to customs fees where I live, I need to order big purchases one by one to minimize the customs fees I have to pay for items like these).

I'm really looking forward to getting my first Paul's Boutique bag, and if the quality is good, I have my eye on some other Paul's Boutique bags that I wouldn't mind getting as well...

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