Friday, January 18, 2013

The best handbags on Etsy right now

If you like bags no-one else has (I do!), Etsy is a great place to find those. But finding stuff you like on Etsy can be quite time consuming, so here are my picks for the best Etsy handbags of the moment, to save you some time:
- A really big teal colored leather bag, that comes with a matching little pouch. Looks like it's really high quality, and so on trend for next spring too!
- A red book bag with a really cute and funny message (if you know the song, you'll know why!). I would get this if I just needed a book bag even a little bit. But I don't...
- A gorgeous The Great Gatsby book clutch (that actually looks nicer than Kate Spade's original if you ask me!), that I actually think I might get myself. A must for everyone looking for a book clutch!
- A cute map bag. There are tons of others to choose from too, but this one of my personal favorites.
Don't forget to take a look on Etsy yourself every once in a while too, though. The best handbags on Etsy often sell out pretty fast, you see, and new Etsy handbags are added to the site all the time.

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