Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A peek into my collection, part 1

Since I am a selfconfessed bag freak, I guess I should try to show some evidence of that from time to time. So... voila! This is the first peek into my massive bag collection!

I've chosen to start with three clutches, because I've been using these when I went out to dinner at restaurants recently, so they were just lying around, waiting to be photographed.

First up:
My vintage Christian Dior.

I only have 2 Dior bags (so far!), one new and one vintage, and this is, of course, the vintage one. I bought it at a very high end consignment store a bit over a year ago, and the owner of the store told me that it used to belong to a French woman, who had recently become a widow. Instead of being heartbroken and depressed, she decided that now was a perfect time to go travel all over the world, so she was getting rid of a lot of her belongings before leaving.

Most of the stuff this inspirational French woman brought in was already sold when I visited the store, but this bag was still there.
And since I have always loved vintage Dior pieces, I knew I had to get it!

The other bag I wanted to show you is actually one of my cheapest bags ever. I actually don't remember exactly how much it cost, but I know it wasn't a lot, since I got it at ASOS (I love them!).

I use this bag a lot, since it goes with a lot of my stuff, and is cute, yet subtle and not too boring at the same time. And it is the perfect size too!
I honestly don't love clutches or anything, but I do feel that they are sort of elegant, so I do use them from time to time, for dinners out, and for parties. But since I know I will never use any clutch I get a lot, I prefer not to pay too much for them either. So ASOS clutches are kind of perfect for me!

The third, and last bag, that you will get to look at today is another vintage gem: A vintage Pierre Cardin.

I bought this in an online vintage store a few years ago, and while I don't use it often, I love the colors of it, and it always manages to cheer me up.
And I am not 100 % sure, but I think this is the only Pierre Cardin piece I own, so that makes it a bit special too!


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  2. Great great finds! ASOS amazes me, I should really shop there!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog - that Maldives underwater restaurant does look amazing! Hope you can come by again soon!

  3. Gorgeous, darling!
    Loving all three, especially the Dior!