Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A peek into my own collection: Vintage Moschino bag

This next bag I am going to show you from my own collection is actually a find from a second hand store, where I ran into a bag that had tons of letters in the front, but the word they made up did not make any sense. I did manage to see however, that the letters COULD make up the name Moschino if re-assembled differently, so I decided to take a closer look at it, and quickly saw that it was in fact a Moschino bag of a vintage variety.
It was surprisingly clean and in very good condition when I got it, even though I believe it to be from the early 1990's, so I have gotten quite a lot of use out of it. I don't really run into these bags in second hand stores anymore (probably mostly because I don't go to them that often anymore), but since they were rather common in the 1990's when logos where very in fashion, as was Moschino, you can run into these on Ebay quite often. And if you do, I can highly recommend getting a bag like this, it will last you a long time after all, it goes with a lot of things (I've seen similar bags in brown as well, besides black) and it looks cool, while being a true classic at the same time.

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