Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A peek into my own collection: Moc croc Guess bag

Guess is not really a brand I am familiar with (even though I was lusting after the Guess Furious bag quite a lot a while ago), but I do own one Guess handbag, a grey, slightly shiny moc croc bag:

I actually got this as a present, so I have no idea where it was bought, and I think it is a great choice when you need a toned down, yet not boring shoulder bag of a smaller size. I actually carried this to a party recently, and got quite a few compliments for it, even though it is over 5 years old, which is nice.

The only problem I have with Guess handbags is that they are usually not made in real leather, but man made materials, from what I know anyway, which makes them less durable, and also not as classy looking in real life as in photos. But there are some good and timeless Guess bags out there, and if I should bump into one, I would definitely consider getting it. My one and only experience with Guess handbags has been rather good, after all!

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