Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to store handbags

I love bags, as you may have guessed by now, but one thing I am really not good at when it comes to them is to store them properly. I know you should stuff them with things, let each bag have it's own, specific place and so on, but I simply never end up storing handbags like I should, and now my bags are all in a big, messy pile. But I have at least decided to do something about it, and because of that, I have done some research regarding how to store handbags in the best possible way recently.

If you are interested in how to store handbags as well, here are some great tips:

- First of all, never hang your handbags on hangers. That can completely ruin the straps on the bag, if you hang the bag on the hanger by the straps, and even if you don't, the weight of the bag may cause it to be ruined while on a hanger. So no matter what you do, never hang the handbags up on a hanger!

- Second of all, and maybe this goes without saying, but I will mention it anyway, just to make sure you never do this: A handbag should always be stored in a dark, dry place, so the sun can't make the colors on it fade, and it will stay in great condition. (I once had mold in a closet without knowing it, and believe me, it totally ruined a lot of my bags. Forever!)

- If possible, place the bag on something soft while it is being stored, so the bag won't get scratches or other damage by mistake when you move it around.

- If you have a bag that may loose it's shape (not all bags are as prone to this, by the way) you might want to stuff the bag a bit. I use shoe bags (you know the ones you get with expensive, designer shoes) and bag bags for this, but whatever works for you is fine too. I wouldn't recommend newspapers though, especially not if the inside of your bag is light in color, since the ink may rub off!

- If you think the bag will be in storage for a long time (more than a month, let's say?), clean it before you put it away. No need to make a big deal out of it, but wipe it with a wet cloth and make sure there are no stains on it at least.

- If possible, organize the bags by how often you use them. This will make a specific bag easier to find when you need it.

- If you think storing stuff is boring, try to find pretty boxes, baskets or really clever storage solutions for your house to make it a bit more fun. Sounds silly, but at least for me, it really works!

(pics from The Purse Page and Pursonification)

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