Saturday, October 5, 2013

My new Alexander McQueen bag

I am a huge Alexander McQueen fan, especially of his skull items, for some reason, but most of the stuff from this brand actually appeal to me. But it has still taken me a really, really long time to actually get an Alexander McQueen bag. I guess I just didn't find most of the bags from this brand timeless enough to invest in one. But now I have decided to take the plunge and order an Alexander McQueen bag I had been eyeing for quite some time on Ebay.

It's a white and black version, with the same print that I already have on one of my Alexander McQueen scarves, so I have a feeling I will be wearing both the bag and the scarf together sometimes.

This is, of course, a bag from an older collection, so I am glad I could still find it. Now I just wish I could find the matching flats too, I would love that!

(all the images are from the Ebay auction in question)

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