Saturday, June 8, 2013

What I thought of my first Paul's Boutique bag

I wrote a post about another bag I recently bought a while ago, but since this Paul's Boutique Lightning Elize bag was my first experience with this brand, I thought I would share some thoughts on this bag and brand after having used the bag for a while now.

First of all, this bag is truly very eye catching. I get so many comments and compliments whenever I carry it. The only thing that concerns me about this bag is actually how heavy it is, even when it's empty, that is a bit of a concern for me. The bag is also much bigger than I thought it would be, so I tend to only use this bag on days when I really need to lug a lot of stuff with me for some reason. Because it's certainly not an every day bag, due to the weight of it, and how big it is. (I use public transportation a lot after all, haha! And I don't want to be knocking things over in stores and such either!)

It is however beautiful in real life, and the quality seems to be quite good too. I also really like the little trinkets on the bag, they make the bag more interesting somehow. But it is important to mention that you can remove them, so if you are thinking of getting a Paul's Boutique bag, but don't like the trinkets, don't let them stop you! Just take them off instead!
I must mention, however, that the wallet I got was not as good. It looked just as pretty, but was not very durable. Both the zipper and the trinkets broke within a week, and the surface seems very easily scratched too, the wallet had scratches after just a few days. So while I was very pleasantly surprised by my Paul's Boutique bag, I wasn't as pleased with the wallet.

That said, I would definitely buy stuff from this brand again. And as a matter of fact, I already have! I will write an update on that purchase soon!

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