Friday, November 14, 2014

How annoying!

When I fall head over heels for a designer handbag that is quite pricey, yet not all that useful, I sometimes spend a lot of time looking for a more wallet friendly alternative, just to satisfy my cravings for a certain quirkiness in a bag. This happened a while ago with Charlotte Olympia's Popcorn themed bag (see a post about that here) and the milk carton bag from the same designer (see a post about that here). I searched high and low for those bags, and eventually found some really nice alternatives. (Read the post about my popcorn bag here, and the post about the milk carton bag I ended up getting in the end here)
This is why it annoys me to see that alternatives for these bags have been made quite easily available over at ASOS now!
Ok, this happened quite a lot after I bought my "inspired" bags, and I have been carrying them around for quite some time already, but still, it will be annoying to see so many more of these around town. (which is generally what happens when ASOS starts carrying something)

But if you are still looking for a nice alternative to Charlotte Olympia's popcorn bag, check this out:

And if you'd like a milk carton version, you might like this:

That's all folks! Rant over!

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