Friday, January 9, 2015

My new Furla bag

My husband was travelling for business and was kind enough to get me a present from a duty free store. Since he knows how much I like handbags, and had heard me mention the timeless and classic, as well as affordable brand Furla in the past, he decided to get me a Furla bag.
It turned out to be a black, rather classic model, which was great for me, since I have been using my black small Longchamp Le Pliage bag way too much lately. However, since that bag is the smallest available Longchamp bag, it does not fit everything I need it to fit all the time, even though it swallows an impressive amount of stuff, considering its small size. So it was great to get a slightly bigger bag, but not a huge one, since this is really the size I needed the most at the moment. So while this was a present, it is something I would have chosen myself as well!
This is how it looks out of the wraps:

I am sure I will get quite a lot of use out of this one, considering its classic shape and color, as well as how much I have used the other Furla bag I own (see that one here). So sometimes it definitely pays off to teach your husband about your bag obsession, as well as about different handbag brands you like, hehe!