Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An evening bag that looks like a day bag. But smaller!

I like unexpected things, and based on the fabric this Mini Sweet Charity glitter and suede bag by Christian Louboutin is made of, I kind of thought it was a slightly bigger day bag. Doesn't the suede look kind of like a traditional houndstooth patterned fabric, the kind you usually see on day bags old ladies have?

I guess that's where the impression came from...

But the surprising part is, this is actually not a day bag or even a very big bag at all!
I have to admit this fabric is probably not one I would personally have chosen if given a choice for an evening bag or a small bag like that, but that's the great thing about designer handbags: sometimes designers think of the most awesome things us average Joes don't!

And I have to say, the gold details make all the difference!

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