Friday, April 15, 2011

My own handbag project at the moment

I have a confession to make:

Even though I love handbags and have waaaay too many of them, I am generally not very good at storing them, so I have been thinking of doing something about my handbag storage problem for a while now, but always found other things to do instead. But now the situation is becoming pretty bad, so I simply have to get some proper storage NOW!

Storing your handbags properly has several advantages:
- It helps the bags keep their shape.
- It also helps them last longer.
- Proper storage also makes it easier to find the bag you are looking for. So storing your bags properly will probably save you time too!

I still do not know exactly how my new storage solution will look, but I know it has to be done asap. That's always a start!

(pic from Take Ken of Fashion)