Thursday, July 29, 2010

Perfect for fall

Right now I am really into grey for fall, and I am planning quite a few grey splashes that I want to incorporate into my wardrobe. And of course I need some greyish handbags to go with all of that!

These Longchamp steel colored bags are just perfect! Both because they look a bit different from most Longchamp bags, and because I know and love the brand. (I have 5 Longchamps already)

But what size should I get? All of mine are either small or medium sized so far, so should I splurge on a large one?


  1. I love Longchamp bags, this is beautiful!SarahD:)

  2. This color is great! Get the large if you think you'll use it. Otherwise stick to medium!

    I also love Purseforum! The Market place is the best- got a few Hermes scarves there!

    p.s. Chelsea did love great and Vera Wang gowns are so lovely!

  3. yessss do get a large version of those longchamp silver bags ! they seem to be great for travelling needs !