Friday, October 25, 2013

One of my favorite bags this season

Is definitely Givenchy's medium sized Lucrezia bag. I really like the detailing on this bag, but most of all I like the color.

I am very drawn to grey this season, and I think grey is also a very classic and timeless color, so if you get this bag, I am sure you will be using it for years and years to come. I know I would!

Another great bag for Halloween

Besides Charlotte Olympia's Boo bag, that I wrote about in the previous post, is ASOS's Pumpkin bag.

I like this so much I think I will get it myself! The only thing I am kind of bummed about is that I won't get it in Halloween. But I guess I can always carry it next year!

Friday, October 11, 2013

The perfect bag for Halloween?

Another cute and cool bag that I absolutely love right now is Charlotte Olympia's Boo bag.

I really can't think of a more appropriate bag for Halloween, and what amazes me about this brand is how Charlotte Olympia constantly seems to create needs in my bag collection that I didn't even know I had! Who knew you needed a special bag for Halloween, for instance, or for going to the movies? But somehow, I am convinced that this is indeed the case when I see Charlotte Olympia's very cool and very fun bags!

Limited edition Olympia Le-Tan Paris book clutches

I don't know if it is because I was recently in Paris, and really loved it, but I have totally fallen for Nordstrom's limited edition Paris themed Olympia Le-Tan clutches.
They look like her regular book clutches, basically, but they all have a Paris theme:

So while I have been admiring Olympia Le-Tan's book clutches for quite some time already, this new Paris collection might just be the thing that actually forces me to get one in the end!

(images from Nordstrom, see the bags in question here, here, here and here)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My new Alexander McQueen bag

I am a huge Alexander McQueen fan, especially of his skull items, for some reason, but most of the stuff from this brand actually appeal to me. But it has still taken me a really, really long time to actually get an Alexander McQueen bag. I guess I just didn't find most of the bags from this brand timeless enough to invest in one. But now I have decided to take the plunge and order an Alexander McQueen bag I had been eyeing for quite some time on Ebay.

It's a white and black version, with the same print that I already have on one of my Alexander McQueen scarves, so I have a feeling I will be wearing both the bag and the scarf together sometimes.

This is, of course, a bag from an older collection, so I am glad I could still find it. Now I just wish I could find the matching flats too, I would love that!

(all the images are from the Ebay auction in question)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The latest addition to my bag collection

Is actually my first ever purchase that I made from Storenvy, a site I have been using for a while now, but I guess I never liked an item I saw there enough to order it. Until now. You see, I spotted a popcorn themed bag, a bit similar to the Charlotte Olympia Movie Night bag I have been eyeing for quite some time now (I just figured this would be the perfect bag to take to the movies!) over at Storenvy today, and since I almost bought the Charlotte Olympia bag, but then decided against it at the last minute, since I mostly wanted to have it for going to the movies, and I then realized I actually do that very rarely (most of the movies released in the last few years simply do not appeal to me...), I decided I had to get a bag that was so similar to my current Charlotte Olympia obsession, but significantly cheaper.

So voila! This cutie is now on the way to me:

And I really look forward to going to the movie theatre with it now!

(You can see other things I like over at Storenvy here, by the way, if you're interested)

(all pics are from Storenvy)